Application for Registration of Premises

Section 15 Food and Drugs Act

Registration of Food Premises
To the Chief Environmental Health Officer
as (proposed) occupier(s) of the premises hereinafter mentioned, HEREBY MAKE APPLICATION in
pursuance of the provisions of Section 15 of the Food and Drugs Act, for the registration by the Chief
Environmental Health Officer of the premises of which are given below, for the purposes specified.


Tick as necessary
I/WE DO HEREBY CERTIFY that to the best of my/our knowledge and belief, the above particulars are true.
† “Catering premises” means premises where, in the course of a business, food is prepared and supplied for immediate consumption.

§ ”Open food” means food which is not in a container of such material and so closed as to exclude the risk of contamination but does not include any food mentioned in column 1 of the Sixth Schedule of the Food and Drugs Act, which has been wrapped in the manner described in column 2 thereof.

‡ Different parts of the premises may be registered for different purposes, if this is desired, full details should be given.

Applicant will be required to sign application form prior to document being issued by the Agency.
* obligatory fields