Waste Licenses

Any person wishing to carry out certain waste "prescribed activities" as described in Section 192D of the Public Health Act must first apply for a licence following the procedure outlined below:
The prescribed activities are:

  1. Disposal of waste
  2. Recovery of waste
  3. Abandonment, dumping or otherwise depositing on land in so far as such activity is not disposal
  4. Collection of waste oil
  5. Disposal of waste oil
  6. Regeneration or use of waste oil as a fuel
  7. Storage of waste oil
  8. Disposal of the residues of regeneration or from combustion of waste oil
  9. Collection of hazardous waste
  10. Transportation of hazardous waste
  11. Incineration of waste

The prospective applicant must place a notice using 'Form 3 - Notice of Intention to Apply For A Licence To Carry Out An Activity Described By Section 192D of the Public Health Act or an Extension Thereof' in the Gibraltar Gazette and one local newspaper. This can be downloaded or submitted through our website electronically.

Not less than fourteen days after the notice first appeared in the Gazette and the press the applicant then submits the application to the Environmental Agency.

The applicant should make the application (Form 1)   not less than two months before the licence is required.

A temporary licence without prior notification may be granted to allow the applicant to deal with a waste emergency. (Form 5) 


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