Legislation was passed to control dust emissions in Gibraltar. The Environment (Control of Dust) Regulations 2010 seek to prevent, reduce or control dust emissions from the following activities or operations:

    • Dismantling or demolition of buildings
    • Construction works and excavations
    • Refurbishment works
    • Mining, road building and all other engineering works
    • Processing or stock piling of solid bulk materials, including sand, grit, gravel, rock, dirt, sawdust and ash
    • Operation of machines, equipment or vehicles
    • Operation and use of unpaved land for any purpose whatsoever
    • Any agricultural or horticultural activity or process
    • Any other type of operation, process or activity prescribed by the Minister by notice in the Gazette

Any person undertaking any of the above activities or operations must apply for a Certificate of Approval from the Chief Environmental Health Officer using the Application for Certificate form. A Dust Control Plan must accompany the application. As a minimum, it is recommended that the Dust Control Plan incorporates the recommendations contained in Dust - Best Practice Guide produced by the Department of the Environment and Climate Change, His Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar. Plumes of dust and concerns regarding dust from construction and other such activities can be reported to this Agency for investigation.