Building control

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  • Assessment of new Building Applications
  • Testing of newly laid drains
  • Inspection of building works (in relation to Public Health)
  • Confirmation of satisfactory completion of works

All building applications and accompanying plans are scrutinized to ensure the building works are going to be carried out in compliance with the Building Regulations and Approved Codes of Practice.
There is liaison with the Building Control Officer and advice is given to the applicants on the requirements that need to be met for the Building Permit to be granted.

This Agency looks for compliance with certain parts of the Building Regulations like drainage, ventilation of premises and rooms, noise, new fireplaces and chimneys.
New underground drainage systems are tested to ensure there are no leaks prior to the building's completion. Demolition works are also subject to building controls and are monitored.

Once works are completed and the Agency is satisfied that all of its requirements have been complied with, the Secretary, Development and Planning Commission is advised, that compliance in respect of those responsibilities falling under the Agency has been achieved and in this respect, a Certificate of Fitness may be issued.

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