Port of Gibraltar

The port of Gibraltar has been added to the list of ports officially recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to issue Ships Sanitation Certificates (SSC).

The WHO’s International Health Regulations (2004) were a major advance in the world-wide strategy to tackle infectious diseases and the ability to monitor ships and issue Ship Sanitation certificates is an essential component of this strategy.
Ships visiting Gibraltar who require renewal of their SSC will be inspected by officers from the Environmental Agency at the request of the Gibraltar Port Authority or the ship’s agent.

The inspections will be very thorough and will include the following areas:
• Quarters
• Galley, pantry and service areas
• Stores
• Child-care facilities
• Medical facilities
• Swimming pools and spas
• Solid and medical waste
• Engine room
• Potable water
• Sewage disposal
• Ballast water
• Cargo holds
• Other systems and areas (likely as disease or insect vectors)

The inspections will be conducted by environmental health officers and supported by the following staff and other agencies:

• Assistant environmental health officers and other technical staff
• Pest control operatives
• Gibraltar Port Authority staff
• Port Medical Officer
• Public Analyst